Go Browns!

This week, just in time for the first preseason game, it was decided that women can no longer carry purses of any type into the stadium during games. They were given plastic bags to carry their items in or had to leave everything in the car. As preposterous as this all is, women were by angry and rightly so. Who wants to carry around a clear plastic Baggie only to drop it or loose it somewhere. So, after much encouragement from a friend and since I just happen to design purses, why not make something that women may not mind carrying into the stadium. I created a small, but stylish clear cross body bag. Big enough to carry the essentials, phone, wallet, sunglasses, keys. The bag measures about 8″ high and 7″ wide and is about an inch deep. The top folds over and is secured with Velcro. The strap has a 20″ drop. This fits on the hip and leaves you hands free and will not get lost, cuz lets face it, after a few beers in the dawg pound…who knows!



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